I think this happened last year too. It snowed on the "First Day of Spring" a few days ago. The weather is just on the precipice of staying kinda warm. Today was chilly. I had like a 15 minutes park play with Noah before his little fingers got super cold. ..and not to mention how [...]

In my Blood

Has anyone heard of that new song by Shawn Mendes, In my Blood? Look.It.Up. The past few weeks have been really hard for me to stay balanced and focused on my bigger picture. I am always so focused on everyone else. Making sure everyone is happy and okay. I let myself go a little bit. [...]

Tyler Knott Gregson

Ever heard of him? If you are on my personal Facebook page, I post poems from him ALL THE TIME. He is an absolute beautiful writer. I'll attach one to this post. I am the kind of person who will search for hours and fill folders on my computer FULL of love poems. Some make [...]


I wanted to let you all in on a little bit about myself. The best way I thought would be using my zodiac because it is normally spot on! lol I use Pinterest a lot. For Everything. Do you ever look up your zodiac sign? I'm not talking like what your lucky numbers are or [...]


  As the weekend comes to a close, I can just imagine what my upcoming week is going to be like, which makes me want the weekend again. This would have been a really good one if the weather had been nicer. It's like a wintry spring outside. Like you hear birds chirping AND chattering. [...]

Proving my Point

Title says it all lol. I haven't written anything down in DAYS. You know how my days go, they are def not my own. lol But somehow I managed to get something down. And then I got crazy busy and FORGOT ABOUT YOU! lol kidding. I did get really busy, and at the end of [...]

Time Changes

I'm sure today you woke up feeling like you had an hour of sleep stolen from you. I sure did. It's Monday again, time to be mad at morning traffic, shot gunning energy drinks, and making sure you don't kill anyone. Don't you hate the time change in the Spring? I got up to feed [...]