Email Spam Robs Me.

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I have over 5000 emails in my Hotmail account. Why?

Well main reason is I made it in 7th grade, as part of my computer class assignment. I have used it all these years. Got me through the Myspace phase (Where’s Tom?), to my MSN Messenger account (insert emo song lyrics to get my crush’s attention in the status bar, followed by signing in and out to get their attention) Don’t tell me you never did that. šŸ˜› ..then on to IMVU, when it didn’t completely kill your desktop. Anyways, now you see some of the million reasons as to why I have 5000 emails. Yes, I’m also lazy and just leave them there to rot…but I’ve also had it for about ten years or so stuff piles up. I make a point every year or so to clean my inbox, but normally they just stay there and grow.

So when I have a free second, I check it. Sometimes…SOMETIMES there is something actually useful in there. Not just “Free Asian hookups”, or “Click here to complete your Apple purchase”…or my favorite.. “hey, chicky_lauren” (Yes that is my email name) “blah blah blah.”

And then there are sale ads.

At first I just slide through them, mainly because they’re expired and old. I get all bummed out when I miss a good sale of stuff I never need.

But then..I find a sale that isn’t expired…and BAM I’m at Bath&Body You start reasoning with yourself. “Okay, $25 gets me Free Shipping.” before you know it I have a full cart. No joke, this just happened to me. Their fragrances were $5 each, and $10 off when you spend $30. So I got 80 something dollars worth of perfume for $26. I was really proud of myself.

But I would have never ever saw that sale, If I hadn’t had checked my email.

…I don’t even remember giving Bath&Body Works my email..

I just have to stay out of my spam folder. Although, my inbox IS my spam folder. Do you still use your old email?



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