Morning/Evening Routines


Is that even something Mom’s have? Routines? I literally wake up every morning not knowing how I’m going to think, or feel. And if it’s a weekday work is the only thing on my mind. Making sure I’m on time.

Routines are for people who have motivation to do the same thing everyday.

Not me.

Some days, I can’t shower in the morning, or even get breakfast on my way to work. And there I sit, 8:30am eating a Four Cheese Hot Pocket because it was the first grab-able thing in my freezer.

Don’t get me wrong, ever since I started back up doing the 8:30-5 scene, I’ve been trying to plan my lunches. You know how easy it is to get in your car and go somewhere fast and grab food?

Talk about unhealthy!

But we all do it. I seem to be on the Grilled Chicken Salad kick. I get up and throw it together. Simple and filling and sometimes I over ranch it and kill it but eat it anyways.

Evenings are the craziest. Picking up both boys, rushing home, dinner, baths, story time, tantrums. All of it. I don’t even stop moving until about 8 o’clock and that’s if they don’t continually wake up.

Lincoln, my youngest, is starting to sleep longer hours which is nice.

Noah, likes to get up and run me to death, Fake injuries he insists on me kissing, to needing “juicee”, to making himself poop. So he doesn’t have to go to sleep.

The kid’s a genius.

If all goes well, sometimes I get to watch a few minutes of Netflix, or I just die completely into sleepland.

I’m sure you’re reading this nodding. Because I have a feeling that it’s not just me.

Routines are so hard to maintain, but I can see them being easy if you know how to juggle. Maybe in the future I’ll write another blog about how routines are awesome lol who knows.

But right now it’s pretty much getting through the day. And ROCKING it! ❤



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