Life after 5pm

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So. Hectic.

Some times If I’m lucky it’ll be a calm night and the kids will cooperate, dinner will cooperate, and everyone’s in bed by 9.

If my son could read he’d be laughing at me.

Sometimes in the morning, before I start my day, I figure out what to lay out for dinner.

I am so bad about forgetting that we end up eating out. I’m starting to blow up like the balloon you become after having a child. ugh.

You want to diet and exercise. Like it’s there sitting in your brain and/or Pinterest board waiting for your direction. So as I’m stirring the mac and cheese I just started 10 minutes after rushing home to make sure dinner was done on time, I think about how I could take care of myself better. Unfortuntely, that’s as far as it gets for me.

There are so many meal plans out there, I wish I could follow them.

I cannot cook well…



It’s like a disability of mine. I do the best I can. Somehow everyone gets fed. haha.

So dinner’s done, Noah needs a bath. He was doing so good about being happy about taking one. I make it all bubbly and we have these sponge letters and we make words and count numbers, the whole shebang. Now he HATES it. He cries, he tantrums and he WILL NOT let me wash the soap out of his hair. If I’m lucky I get soap in there to begin with. I buy this Suave Watermelon Scented 3-1 stuff. Smells amazing. You’d think that would get his attention. Noopppeeee. Before, I put the Moana soundtrack on and we would sing together. Now don’t get me wrong, he does warm up a little bit. If I do something funny to distract him anyways. He likes to stick the sponge letters to himself and beg me to take a picture. Which i do, about a million ❤

When Lincoln gets a bath, it’s either a love, a hate, or a I love it right now but you better hurry before I get even a little bit cold. He seems to like them, hopefully it stays that way. I LOVE the smell of baby shampoo, baby lotions, hell even babies. They just smell amazing.

So both kids are in bed, sometimes after the hundreth time of laying them down. Sometimes when the sleep gods are looking down on me, they go down the first time, with no hassle and crying. Noah likes to either read a book, or watch some “Bear” as he calls it. Which is a show on Netflix that’s originally Russian. You can tell the words are Russian but they changed the sound to English. But he loves it.

So I guess I love it too….. (……….)

This time of night is when I get time to myself. Take a longer than normal shower. Troll Facebook, listen to music in headphones (who doesn’t like a good head banging). It’s nice and quiet and relaxing. It makes going to bed a lot easier. Until feeding time. Which comes around 2am. What I would give to sleep a few hours like I was in a coma. And wake up fully relaxed. My life is so tense now.

Do you guys relate to me? What is your after 5pm routine?






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