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As the weekend comes to a close, I can just imagine what my upcoming week is going to be like, which makes me want the weekend again.

This would have been a really good one if the weather had been nicer.

It’s like a wintry spring outside. Like you hear birds chirping AND chattering.

I managed (and I know I say this a lot because it really is a chore for me) to get all the laundry done Saturday. I only do about 2 big trips a month because I don’t have a washer and dryer hookup in my apartment. I just gotta put it away, but the afternoon is getting away from me.

When I tell people that I started my own blog, they’re like “what’s that?” and I have to explain. This is literally an outlet for me and I love it. I also love when I get notifications that people liked it or commented on my topics. Shout out to the person from Ireland reading my blog!

So. Cool.

Anyways, I make a point to jot something down at least once a day. I know I’ve been kinda white noise the past few days. Still trying to figure all this out.

Lookout for more posts!!




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