Day: March 26, 2018


I think this happened last year too. It snowed on the “First Day of Spring” a few days ago.

The weather is just on the precipice of staying kinda warm. Today was chilly. I had like a 15 minutes park play with Noah before his little fingers got super cold.

..and not to mention how mad he was we had to leave lol

Springtime is my favorite season because we get all that awesome rain. The kind of rain where it washes away all the bad icky winter, and everything starts to turn green!

I am not a person who likes the cold.

I am way to pale and susceptible to getting sick to enjoy it.

I take pride though in hardly getting sick, maybe once or twice a year. So I’ve been lucky so far.

Flowers are a big thing for me.

What girl doesn’t like flowers?

Granted I never buy myself flowers  and nobody buys them for me. But anytime I pass by them at the store I take a quick sniff.

There’s just something about the smell of flowers.

Springtime is amongst us, who else is excited??





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