Totally Falling Behind!

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Has anyone else ever had a lot to do, and no motivation to do it.

Totally willing to let the dishes stay in the sink, and the laundry stay in their baskets?

HA! of course you know exactly what I’m talking about. How could you not. I’m sure all of you are parents. Some with young children, some with old children, parents who still do your laundry when you are way too busy too. (Thanks Mom).

Procrastination has always been a flaw of mine, but hopefully at least I’m cute doing it! lol

My plate is so incredibly full right now, I’ve had to choose between things. I hardly have time to blog anymore. I try to stay focused and use it as kind of “my time”, but as the days go on, I don’t have “my time” I have kids time. Which is absolutely perfect. ❤

So in this case it’s okay to procrastinate because at least I have a good reason right?

And when everyone is in bed I turn on Santa Clarita Diet.

Has anyone seen that show on Netflix? It is hilariously stupid. Which hopefully is their point if not, it’s just stupid lol

Anyways, I hope you all had a quiet weekend like me, and are planning to take over the world!!!

…or at least the week 😉



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