Month: February 2019


…or “homework” as my son likes to call it.

I just wanted to take a second and approach this topic because it seems to be a popular topic and one that I am starting to dabble in.

I’m sure we all did chores when we were younger.

I did. Can’t tell you how young I was, but I feel it is really important to have your children, who watch and observe you every day, to learn how to do some “around the house” type chores.

Personally, It’s nothing concrete right now because of his age. He chooses when he wants to help me, and I make it fun.

For example,

When I’m unloading the dishwasher, he asks to help. I pull them out and he tells me where they go. He enjoys helping me clean up the kitchen.

He also LOVES helping me fold laundry.

As you can imagine he just balls everything up and calls it folded, but he loves helping me nonetheless. He loves pulling all the laundry out of the dryer and dragging it to me.

..and in return, he gets a treat. I know as he gets older he’ll hate it. But right now I’m taking all I can get!!!

I know as they get older the amount of things they can do increases. Right now being 3, he makes his bed and helps with the kitchen and laundry. He gives me a chance to keep an eye on him, and it also helps him understand why we have to do it.

All in all a good parenting lesson!! As always I am always learning!

(Click the Pic below for an idea for a chore chart!!! 🙂 )

I actually think he is old enough now to have a chore chart. Maybe with the stickers ❤

You can NEVER go wrong with a little boy and stickers!