Mom in Timeout!

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Tonight was the perfect example of when you just need to take a minute and breathe.

I’m not talking about sneaking off to eat a snack from your Raisin Bran Cereal box Candy Stash.

I’m not talking about little fingers under the door while you pee..

Granted, both of those things have and/or are still happening. I’m sure I got a giggle from that or a nod..or both.

I’m talking about my wonderful, handsome, outgoing, LOUD son. It seems he has found his voice. He has started this whining type of noise followed by a blood curdling scream. Probably because he knows I come running thinking he’s on fire. Normally, stuff like that I can get through calmly. But tonight was way different.

With my eldest son at his father’s house. It was just me and my youngest. We have a routine; afternoon nap, snack, we play, then I start dinner and we split it.

Normal right? Not tonight

I’m not even stepping foot in the kitchen, making me wish I had a snack stash in my room šŸ˜€

All day he’s been a little cranky, I say little because like I said I can handle cranky as I’m sure you all can. But it started getting worse. Not hungry, won’t play, not tired, doesn’t want up, doesn’t want down…definitely didn’t want juice, as I cleaned the spill off the floor. I finally started googling because this can’t be normal. I didn’t remember having this issue with my oldest..

So I’m googling and start finding stuff from other mothers. Same thing kept coming up if they weren’t Ill.

“Crying Spell”

Babies sometimes “need” to cry. No reason, they just want what they want. So I picked him up, turned on his aquarium, gave him a warm bottle, tucked him in in his soft jammies. As soon as I turned my back he started screaming. Such a big sound from such a small boy. But I closed the door.

It was agonizing hearing him scream..but after maybe 5 minutes of fuss, he was out.

Maybe he was tired, I don’t know. But tonight was the first time I put myself in time out. I couldn’t think. My hormones were going crazy!!

To all you Mama’s out there: There is nothing wrong with taking a second to regain your thoughts and calm your mind.

Eat that Snickers…

Play Candy Crush on the toilet…

Give yourself a “me” moment.



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