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Life is constantly a balancing act.

I’m sure you can all agree as parents nothing is set in stone.

My world is constantly moving. Making plans. Making sure everything is done. Everything is organized.

And let me tell ya…

This Mama is TIRED.

I cringe when I somehow happen to wake myself up at what I think is night to check the time. Normally it’s around 6:30am and just like clockwork Linc starts fussing.

How does my brain do that?

It used to feel good whenever you’d wake yourself up and find it’s 2am. Those were the days. But even now almost every other hour I’m putting my oldest back to bed.

I sometimes laugh to myself when my oldest is screaming about not wanting a nap..remembering I used to do the same thing…and actually being jealous and wishing I could sleep as much as he was allowed to.

You ever hear that saying… “Not planned, God knew what you needed before you did?”

I think about that in times I am so over stressed. As far as I can remember I wanted to be a mom. This is what I live for.

So bring it on Life! ❤



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