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I had a guest today waiting on her husband to show for lunch. She started talking to me about her daughter and her grandchildren coming to visit.

As always I engage in conversation to make the time go by faster.

Today was very slow business and I was happy to conversate with another human!

Anyways, her daughter was “a little older than me” and had 2 boys who were the most polite and well mannered. She asked me if I had any children.

*for half a second I was mad that she thought I looked old enough to have children, then remembered I’ll be 26 this year.*

I told her I had 2 boys, 1 and 3. She asked me their names, and I told her my Oldest name is Noah and my youngest name is Lincoln.

She told me her mother named her and her brothers out of the Bible, that they had significance and a story about Jesus behind them.

*she didn’t tell me her name so I’m not sure which story it was*

She asked me what important significance my sons were named after, older family etc?


How do I tell her I named my oldest after Noah Calhoun from The Notebook (because he is everything you want your son to grow up to be)and Lincoln because his father loves cars..and as soon as it came to my head, no other name seemed to fit.

There wasn’t any religion in our naming process..

So I just told her it was a Family Tree takeaway and traditional names.

She was so happy to hear that, and made a comment about all these celebrities with crazy baby names.


Her husband showed up so they went away to have lunch, but it left me thinking.

Did you pick your baby names from a lineup of favorite things? or was your choosing process based on religion and your Family Tree?

My children are absolutely wonderful and their names fit them so well, I can’t think of anything else they could be. What are significances to use?



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