Happy Wednesday!

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I get these overwhelming thoughts of my child starting school this year.

It was just yesterday we were bringing him home and getting up every 2 hours for bottles.

….and I sit here while he eats his waffles and gives me a history lesson on Paw Patrol, that I realize how big he’s actually getting and he’s not a baby anymore. When they say it happens fast, it does.

Even my youngest who just turned one is called a “bruiser” because of how big he is getting and so fast at that.

I always happen to make some of my blogs focus on time. And I think it’s because there isn’t enough of it.

When your young you think time will go on forever. In retrospect you beg for it to go faster.

As you get older time starts getting faster and faster. My children are the best of me and all I ever wanted. I don’t remember wanting anything else.

Cherish every moment, because life is like a shooting star, shining really bright, and in a flash it’s gone.

(I think I remember something like that off a movie)

My point is think about your life in a bigger picture. Make the best of it!

oh yeah.

..It was The Notebook!

How could I forget that? 🙂


I hope you have a Great Day!!! ❤






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