Mom Hacks

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Everybody has them.

Ways to make life easier.

Parenting in my opinion is all about trial and error.

For me, my first taught me alot, got away with the most and now teaches his little brother what he has learned. So this list is personal that helps me get through the day.

  1. Silence is Golden
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    • unless you have children. In my experience with my oldest in the middle of potty training, silence means he’s hiding behind the couch or in his room “doing his business” when he knows to use the potty. So Attention First Time Moms: Say your kids name at least 3 times every 5 minutes, it makes them think you’re watching. O.O


2. How to be a Laundry Ninja

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  • For the days that your children are hyper and going crazy. I usually if I have a load’s worth, wash towels. Children are so interested, if you haven’t noticed, in pulling apart your pretty pretty piles of sorted out laundry. So what I do is give them the towels to “fold”. They love the responsibility and helping mom with chores, and I get to be OCD and fold everything else. Same with dishes, I make it a game when they want to help. I ask him where they go etc. It helps that I can keep an eye on them while I clean.
  1. KidsTube
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    • This bullet was going to be designed with all the entertainment that is offered to children. Netflix, Hulu etc.. I was going to promote KidsTube because it seemed harmless. I cannot stress this enough. PLEASE do your research on kid apps and such before downloading and giving them to your kids. I personally haven’t had any issues before I knew the dangers. But there are some really really bad things out there people incorporate into children distractions. KidTube I’ve been reading is one of them. My children are perfectly content with Curious George so that literally is in the background pretty much all day while they play.
  2. Meal Prep
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    • Every morning I start with asking Noah what he wants to eat. Normally it’s “waffle” so I chop up some blueberries or bananas to go with it. Linc gets fruit and cereal now that he’s old enough *tear*. I was given these flyer-type of examples of toddler snacks, toddler meals and toddler breakfast ideas that have been SO helpful! Kids need nutrition. It measures everything for me and helps me pair items together for maximum nutrition. It is on my fridge and I read it everyday. I’m not sure where to find what I have to share with you but I’ll attach a similar post off pinterest!
  3. Mesh Garment bags for your kiddos socks!!!
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    • Have you ever bought maybe 20 pairs of socks, then say this will last them at least the year maybe more?! Then 3 months down the road you can’t find ANY?! I have. It’s mind boggling how they disappear. They say for every sock you’re missing is an extra tupperware lid. (Sounds to be the same problem). I started doing research on how to keep this from happening. Such an easy solution! Put all the socks in a mesh bag when you wash them. Keeps the washer/dryer from eating them, and you get all your socks back!!! Score!


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