A Little Background

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I have been getting A LOT of feedback and people who want to know..

Why did I start a blog?

How did I pick my topic?

Do you plan to monetize your website?

I started my blog, geared towards my experiences as a mother.

Topics about life in general, or things circulating in the news, etc. There really is no organization! Is parenthood organized???

I wanted an ability to write down how I felt, favorite things and have an opportunity to connect to people like your awesome selves who understand and support what being a mother means..

…or father!

Being a parent in general has opened my eyes to a different color of the world.

No longer are you supporting yourself, you are keeping your little one(s) alive!

And that is a HUGE responsibility!!

It is the most tiring, the roughest, the most stressful, the most beautiful and blessful and wonderful and you are shaping your children to be the image you want them to be.

You ever stop to think about what they might be when they’re older?

I was just telling a friend this earlier today.

My oldest son seems to want to know how things work.

I asked him to pick up his toys, and he asked me why. I answered how every parent answers, “because I said so”.

Now when I was younger, that was the answer I got and I did what I was told.

But my son says, “I asked you why”. Plain as day no fight in his voice.

So I said, “because your toys do not belong on the floor they belong in your toybox”.

He looked at me and said, “oohhhhhhh, okay”.

and I kid you not, he turned around, cleaned up all his toys and put them in his toy box.

I like when I am sort of teaching him how things go by asking him questions. Some that I know he will answer and some he will have to think about. The things I learn about his age and mindset now should definitely help with my youngest!

Now monetizing my blog makes it a full-time commitment. You have to consider it your actual business, and give it love and attention every.day! There are many ways to make money off of your blog, and I’m gonna share with you what I’ve done so far!

First off, in my experience, you canNOT make money off a free blog. You have to buy your domain and website. I purchased the Premium plan, luckily got to use a 20% coupon. So it cost about $77 for the year, normally $96. That gives you premium themes, extras and “Word-ads” I noticed that when you start the free version, there are already ads on your website, that you cannot control. Unfortunately, this is how your page is free. I’m currently learning as I go!

You have to decide what circles your life that you can blog about..daily routines, maybe you have a different but awesome unique on raising children…maybe you have TONS of recipes just sitting around you want to share! Your niche can be anything you want!!! Support is all around you! Don’t be afraid of failure, thrive!

Any topics or advice you have, send it!

I would LOVE some more feedback!!!



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