Spring Motivation

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I live in a state where it doesn’t matter what day it is. It could snow in the morning and be 70 degrees in the evening. You never know how to start the day.

“Okay, so it’s 40 degrees now, but going to be a high of 65 later…so how do I dress the kids?”

I have to ask myself that question about 3 days a week.

Today decided to throw us a little “spring hope”with a high of 62 degrees and the kind of wonderful rain that you think is going to wash away all the nasty winter leftovers.

But, being the state I live in, it being 62 degrees outside means nothing but getting my hopes up.

With it being warm though (for what seemed like a minute) it made me start to research all different kinds of things on Pinterest. Cool slushy drinks to make. Building an awesome outside place for BBQ days…

How to shed some pounds and fit that perfect bathing suit..

How to eat healthier to keep FITTING that perfect bathing suit…

It is SO easy to troll Pinterest looking for ways to be healthy, stay healthy, see OTHER people living healthy..

It’s easy for your mind to wonder!

This year I decided to lose some weight.

…and by that I mean LOSE SOME WEIGHT!

I’ve had 2 kids, multiple “office jobs” where I sat and snacked all day. Ive been lazy with my health and I’m getting to the point where I NEED to change!

I think about my life at 60, will I be all dependent, overweight, unhealthy…people having to take care of ME?

I don’t think so! I have made some goals! That hopefully will stick around for the rest of my life!! (I’m trying to stay positive!) πŸ™‚

The warm weather really motivates me to want to be outside! Now that I have TWO little ones to chase, I figure my work is cut out for me! πŸ™‚

Have you made some goals for this year!?

I’m still going strong with my goal from last year, which makes me hopeful on keeping myself accountable.

Have a GREAT Weekend!



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