Raising a Reader

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March is National Literacy Month. I always get so worried that my oldest son Noah will not be reading or at least acknowledge certain words on paper before he gets to Kindergarten. At bedtime we will read a story and he likes to make up stories about the pictures. So along with the actual story I get his “side story” and it’s hilarious!

I do know Moms that have trouble getting their kiddos interested in reading at all. So I thought I would jot down what helps me intrigue him to read a story with me. The goal is when he’s old enough he’ll be reading to my youngest son and teach him. ❤ That’s the goal anyways!

  1. Have a Bedtime Routine

I like to get him dressed in his jammies…teeth brushed, we say goodnight to the whole house…fridge, chair, door…(when he knows it’s getting close to bedtime he starts to filibuster). He picks the book for us to read and we get all nice and cozy and if I’m really lucky, he won’t change his mind half way through the book! 🙂

2. I help him read the pictures

When we start the story I always read the words first and then ask him about the pictures. I ask him if their happy, sad, mad, laughing etc. Then I let him take a guess as to why. Which is Number 3. Sometimes he listens to the words of the story and tells me, and sometimes he makes up another story. It keeps him interested. He also likes turning the pages! Even before the story is ready! 🙂

Children are interested the most in what they like. As your child grows you will learn more about those likes and getting books to fit around their wants will be great! There are books for every reading style, there are books for every topic and interest they may have. My son likes everything and mostly things with COLOR.

He also loves his favorite TV shows, but sometimes we have to shut off that TV and remind them books are also entertaining and FUN!

Am I right Mamas?



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