5 Frugal ways to Save Money!

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That’s the goal right? Beginning of the year, you jot down all these plans, pin all these boards on Pinterest–to not utilize it at all? Or is it just me?? πŸ™‚

I try so hard to plan my weeks ahead, but as you’re all aware, your time is never your own and nothing ever turns out how you want it. If it does, play the lottery because girl you lucky!

I thought I would share with you, not necessarily ideas that I am using, but ideas that I’ve come across that would save you TONS…and some that I use that are SUPER helpful!

  1. Couponing Wisely

Who watches Extreme Couponing on TLC? I tried once, those people are SO DEDICATED! It is so amazing to watch. Don’t worry I’m not teaching you how to build a Walmart in your basement. πŸ˜› I do successfully utilize coupons though with my everyday items. If you think it is a confusing math problem and alot of hassle–you are absolutely right, but it does pay off. Now here is where it get’s tricky. Sometimes the situation calls for buying bulk to save a few dollars. If you use that item regularly-great..stock up! But sometimes the sales and coupons are for items you do not regularly use, and you stock up items that you may not like. Mine as well flush your money down the toilet! You will have piles of stuff that “yea, you might have saved” but it is definetely better to buy what you use, even if that means paying full price, or a lower coupon amount.

I have an App that I use for Non-Perishable and Food items you need to check out! It is called the Flipp App https://flipp.com/home That is an amazing tool given you use ads in your everyday shopping! I live in a small town, so the circulars in the app are perfect, and the EXACT same as the paper copies you can find in the store! That way you can plan your trips knowing what the sales are that week BEFORE you go! πŸ™‚ All you need is a plan, your coupons, (which can be found online at https://www.coupons.com/) or paper coupons in your local paper! (if you purchase a subscription, they will throw it at your house every week!) You also need to know the coupon policies of the stores you frequent. This is very important.

Do you coupon? Please comment below some haul stories, I’d love to read them!

2. Meal Planning

This one is a HUGE deal. Mainly because you don’t want to be the girl with no plan when you go grocery shopping. You just throw stuff in the cart! and don’t get me started on if you go hungry!

Big No-No! lol!!

I LOVE Pinterest for this point. Not only can you find easy meal prepping ideas. You can also find Meal Planning FOR Frugal Living. Which is perfect! Even though you are armed with Pinterest, you still need a list! Write out your meals for the week, and the ingredients. If you are a busy mom like me. You only have once chance MAYBE two to go to the store with focus. Better make it count! And try not to buy the same meals every week, switch it up! (Pinterest can help you with that too!)

3. Cut the Cable!

What do I mean??? Do you have cable? I have a Roku, bought at Walmart for I believe $30. Best money I EVER Spent when it comes to entertainment at home! Gone are the days of “needing” cable to watch TV. Netflix ($8.99 a month) Hulu ($5.99 a month). Both have FREE TRIALS!

I LOVE The Blacklist! I can’t get enough. James Spader is an amazing actor! Unfortunately, it is ran through NBC, so a few years ago, you had to have cable..or wait for the DVDs (but who really does that) With my Roku, I can download the NBC App, and BAM Brand new episodes for me to watch! You don’t need cable! Turn it off! πŸ˜› That will definitely save you $$$! If you are a Amazon Prime Member, there’s Free Streaming on that too, TV and Movies. Saves me on nights my sons want to watch Spongebob!

4. Quit Smoking

This is a point that I know is Money Killing. But is not a point I use personally. I’m one of those “tried it once or twice” and was never for me. I do though remember how much they costed, it was the prettiest penny in my pocket!! Let me break something down for you. Nationally, a good pack of cigarettes averages around $5.xx each! So if you are a “pack-a-day” smoker, goodness. We’re looking at almost $2000ish a year, just for your habit.

That is a awesome vacay you can take with the kids!

That is a VERY romantic get a way!

That is a down payment on a very much needed vehicle.

..or investment in your child’s college tuition.

There are TONS of better things you can spend your money on. Can’t think of any? Go back up to Number 1 and coupon for things you don’t need! Save money AND Spend it! πŸ™‚

5. Sticking to a written budget.

This one is HUGE in my house. Not only does writing it down make it feel more real, but writing it down also keeps you organized and on track with your spending. I have a planner. I write out dates and amounts and check marks when they are paid. There’s even a folder to put paid bills in so there not misplaced. It is very handy. Writing it down also helps you budget months ahead if there are the same list of bills due each month. When I write my bills out, it gives me the ability to know how much extra I’ll have to splurge. 100% for my children. Clothing sales are everywhere!

Planning and Organization are key in successfully accomplishing Frugal Living. It’s all about will power and having the know-how to saving money. Believe me, find ways your home can save and I promise you it adds up.



1 comments on “5 Frugal ways to Save Money!”

  1. I just started a meal plan after being on keto for a while…dude. So helpful. It saves my budget when grocery shopping AND (a huge bonus for me) it’s so stress relieving. And there are TONS of free printable templates and recipes online. Google is my bestie lol. I always thought meal planning was too much work until I decided I should just try it. As far as couponing goes, I don’t really buy name brand, and all the coupons seem to lean that way, but I love shopping at Aldi. Especially since eating keto can be tricky and sometimes expensive! I may look into coupons just for my personal care items, though. TP is getting crazy! Anyway, I could go on forever, but just wanted to throw out some info! Love you, girly!



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