Some Must- Know Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Has Arrived! Who has already started venturing into the "spring cleaning" your house so desperately needs? Geared and gloved to take on the overrun garage? Trying out a new floor cleaner you watched commercials about through the long, cold winter? I am currently cleaning EVERY item of laundry so as I'm putting it away, [...]

Relating to the Grey

What do you do when the world feels a little heavier than normal? When everything feels grey and nothing is really shining?.... Normally, I would say to just get some sleep.... but what if that just makes you MORE tired? I hope it's not just me feeling like a full moon is messing with my [...]

5 Dinner ideas that can be made in 20 Minutes!

I am that Mom that scrambles every day when life gets ahead of me, and I need something for dinner FAST! You know how many pins I have saved of Meal Planning, Meal Prepping. Lists of "easy" meals, cheap meals.. ...and they are so cool and so genius, so they get pinned. And here I [...]

The Importance of Creating Great Memories

I have tons of memories of playing outside in the sun. Kickball at recess, walking home from school. I have memories of going to a Chess competition and playing with kids who were WAY out of my league. These kids read books on the stuff. It was just a hobby for me. Thinking about the [...]

My “All-Time” Cleaning House Playlist- Volume 1!

Everybody has one! A playlist easily obtainable to get the housework done. Get that gym workout done. Get that dinner made. Music is the way!! ..and I'm not talking Cardi B or Bruno Mars.. I'm talking Blind Melon and 3 Doors Down.. I'm talking Eagle-Eye Cherry....and Creed! The following list is my Home Playlist! *WARNING*--May [...]