5 years from now?

There never really is a time frame in which your life is supposed to be mapped out. You're supposed to take life as it comes. But everyone asks themselves that very question.. "Where will my life be in 5 years?" I've even asked myself that question, ALOT throughout my life as an adult. I mean, [...]

Mom Hacks


Everybody has them.

Ways to make life easier.

Parenting in my opinion is all about trial and error.

For me, my first taught me alot, got away with the most and now teaches his little brother what he has learned. So this list is personal that helps me get through the day.

  1. Silence is Golden

    pexels-photo-1148998.jpeg Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

    • unless you have children. In my experience with my oldest in the middle of potty training, silence means he’s hiding behind the couch or in his room “doing his business” when he knows to use the potty. So Attention First Time Moms: Say your kids name at least 3 times every 5 minutes, it makes them think you’re watching. O.O

2. How to be a Laundry Ninja

towels bath bathroom Photo by Thomas Cotton on Pexels.com

  • For the days that your children are hyper and going crazy. I usually if I have…

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Nothing Special Tonight

Just waiting for laundry to finish so I can go to bed. It's only reason I'm up. This seems to be the only time I have a chance to do things without interruptions. Except for my brain as it wanders..... I also I am kind of anxious because I start my new job tomorrow. A [...]