Life Story


Up until the end of 2018 I was a “full time” employee.

I was able to get up, get the kids up and fed and dressed and out the door, somehow managing to have a bra on..

I worked until 5 and picked up the kids from daycare, made them dinner. Bath, Book and Bed.

Like Clockwork.

I missed the summertime, the fair, the trips. I was always working.

I’ve been put in a situation where it’s okay to now only work part time, which has been great.

Gives me a chance to actually hang out with my kids..

Daycare costs are WAY down. (Which face it moms, that’s NEVER a bad thing)

We do crafts, we watch “George” I can make them meals and I get to interact in their lives.

Now I’m not saying working full time is bad. I’ve done it since I was 16.

Ten Years!

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