Fall’s A-Comin’!

Can you believe September is right around the corner? Crisp, fall air. Nice, warm cardigans, hot apple cider, and all the pumpkin scented candles you could ever want! For me, the end of July kind of gets me excited about Fall coming. When I was in school, and will have to look forward to next [...]

5 Things to Always Remember

Happy August! I am that person who searches hours and hours for someone elses interpretation of how I feel because I can never seem to find the words myself. Not to mention my time is not my own, and I never seem to have the time to really sit down and think about my emotions. [...]

I’m no “Julia Child”


For those who don’t know of her, Julia Child was an amazing chef who created and mastered the fine art of French cuisine with such finesse she became famous for through her released cook books and television shows.

I want to share with you a little backstory about my inability to cook.

…okay, I wouldn’t call it an “inability” because I mean my kids are still alive..

the inability part was referring to the fact that before I forced myself to really starting baking, cooking etc, I was doing the bare minimum to save food cost. Mainly because I could never cook right.

Either the noodles would be too done, or not done enough…

I’d fry chicken to fast and it would be raw in the middle.

So for most of my adult life it was easy-type convenience meals that kept us all fed.

When my boyfriend became part of…

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5 Best ways to make Scallops

courtesy of allrecipes.com I am the member in my family that canNOT cook. I mean, don't get me wrong I try, but there is just something off about my timing, that everything I touch is either undercooked or overcooked. I have cookbooks, advice from people, everything. But I just can't seem to cook correctly. I [...]



I wanted to let you all in on a little bit about myself. The best way I thought would be using my zodiac because it is normally spot on! lol

I use Pinterest a lot.

For Everything.

Do you ever look up your zodiac sign? I’m not talking like what your lucky numbers are or what’s written in the stars. (eye roll)

I’m talking about those pictures that someone created about your sign that just totally gets you. You read it and you’re like, “dang, that IS me, that IS something I would do or say”

Let me give you some examples of mine that I’ve come across.


Gemini think a lot.

They think ahead.

They think sideways.

They think behind.

If it exists in their life, they think of it all the time.

That is seriously, so me. I overthink EVERYTHING. It’s a talent really. If something is…

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Morning/Evening Routines

Old post I thought I’d bring to the present! 🙂


Is that even something Mom’s have? Routines? I literally wake up every morning not knowing how I’m going to think, or feel. And if it’s a weekday work is the only thing on my mind. Making sure I’m on time.

Routines are for people who have motivation to do the same thing everyday.

Not me.

Some days, I can’t shower in the morning, or even get breakfast on my way to work. And there I sit, 8:30am eating a Four Cheese Hot Pocket because it was the first grab-able thing in my freezer.

Don’t get me wrong, ever since I started back up doing the 8:30-5 scene, I’ve been trying to plan my lunches. You know how easy it is to get in your car and go somewhere fast and grab food?

Talk about unhealthy!

But we all do it. I seem to be on the Grilled Chicken Salad kick…

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4 Activities I like to do Outside with my Littles!

Two things come to mind as the temps increase. Pool and Park In my small town, somehow both of those are full every single day, all day. I don't mind taking the boys when it's busy, but it also makes me nervous and I have to keep my third eye on them constantly. So it [...]