Holy Crap, I have Littles.

Do you still wake up sometimes, rub your eyes, decide you’re not going to leave bed, to remember that you are a parent!?

I do.

It’s something that still amazes me everyday. Ever since I was little I knew my one goal, my biggest goal, in life was to be a mom. There is nothing like it. Watching my mom bend over backwards to make sure me and my siblings had everything we needed was something I wanted to be too. I wanted to be responsible for somebody. As it turns out, I am responsible for two little somebody’s, and they are my whole world.

I do often still catch myself in amazement, when they laugh, when they smile.

I created that.

My son comes home just about every day, can’t really form sentences yet. But will still tell me his whole day! In one big garbled mess. But you know what to do, you just nod and ask basic questions they can answer yes and no too. My son likes to repeat the last couple words of every sentence.

Me: Hey buddy! Did you have a good day at daycare?

Noah: …Daycare

Me: Did you play with your friends?

Noah: …Ya. Friends.

Me: Okay, Did you learn anything?

Noah: Anything,

I love it though, The thing about children is they are soo freakin’ smart. You catch them watching you and you really gotta watch yourself because man, when you slip up, they’re ALWAYS WATCHING lol.


I still wake up every morning, thanking god that I’m a mom. Even when i have poop and/or drool all over me.