5 years from now?

There never really is a time frame in which your life is supposed to be mapped out. You're supposed to take life as it comes. But everyone asks themselves that very question.. "Where will my life be in 5 years?" I've even asked myself that question, ALOT throughout my life as an adult. I mean, [...]

Mindset. It’s all about Mindset

I tell myself every day. "Get your butt up and tend to your children." Sometimes Mama just wants to shut down and just disconnect from life for a minute. But I'm up, toasting waffles and tickling my baby because he laughs like a 50 year old man first thing in the morning. You have to [...]

Knowing these 3 Secrets will make your Parenting be Amazing!

There are tons and tons and TONS of information gathered all over the internet, from all over the world, from all kinds of mothers and fathers and parental figures with their own takes and techniques on how to be a sucessfully, happy, content parent. Alot of what I found I use in my everyday life [...]

Tips for Staying Energized!

We all have those days where we walk soooo sloowww and barely get any house work done. Just wanna lay on the couch and sponge the television. Busy lives, hyper kiddos and the LOADS of housework can diminish your energy completely! I'm gonna jot down some pointers to give you mamas a good way to [...]

Raising a Reader

March is National Literacy Month. I always get so worried that my oldest son Noah will not be reading or at least acknowledge certain words on paper before he gets to Kindergarten. At bedtime we will read a story and he likes to make up stories about the pictures. So along with the actual story [...]


I am a firm believer in the plain fact that in order to be a good mother, friend and partner. You HAVE to take care of yourself! I don't mean making sure you shower regularly.. Body Wash by Olay, Moisture Ribbons Plus Shea + Manuka Honey Body Wash, 18 fl oz (Pack of 4) ..because [...]

One on One

Sometimes you have to match your child's immaturity. Explain an issue, break down a process. In my opinion it's how one learns and grow their personality. They could choose to ignore you or deliberately do the opposite of what you say.. ..and it's maddening. So you try certain ways to teach them. Maybe you use [...]