Who says late-night babbling isn’t therapeutic?

This weekend was exhausting. Thought I would take a second and clean up my mental health a little bit. Because believe it or not this is so therapeutic. If you are ever just needing to talk, you should try typing out what you're feeling. No matter if anyone can read it or not. It really [...]

My Day in the Life with my Children

Every day starts the same. ...well sometimes. My oldest son Noah is right at the precipice of being potty trained, but has been waking me up just about every morning wet from the waist down. So I tell him to strip and go potty, and my first immediate thought is laundry. Laundry..that is my first [...]

One on One

Sometimes you have to match your child's immaturity. Explain an issue, break down a process. In my opinion it's how one learns and grow their personality. They could choose to ignore you or deliberately do the opposite of what you say.. ..and it's maddening. So you try certain ways to teach them. Maybe you use [...]

A Little Background

I have been getting A LOT of feedback and people who want to know.. Why did I start a blog? How did I pick my topic? Do you plan to monetize your website? I started my blog, geared towards my experiences as a mother. Topics about life in general, or things circulating in the news, [...]