My Day in the Life with my Children

Every day starts the same. ...well sometimes. My oldest son Noah is right at the precipice of being potty trained, but has been waking me up just about every morning wet from the waist down. So I tell him to strip and go potty, and my first immediate thought is laundry. Laundry..that is my first [...]

3 Things to Do Every Day

By doing these basic tasks daily, not only will it help you feel super organized, it will also help get you into a habit of task completion. I think that is my biggest issue. I set out every day with a set of tasks in mind to complete. Whether that's laundry, or grocery shopping, somehow [...]

Some Must- Know Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Has Arrived! Who has already started venturing into the "spring cleaning" your house so desperately needs? Geared and gloved to take on the overrun garage? Trying out a new floor cleaner you watched commercials about through the long, cold winter? I am currently cleaning EVERY item of laundry so as I'm putting it away, [...]