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Who says late-night babbling isn’t therapeutic?

This weekend was exhausting.

Thought I would take a second and clean up my mental health a little bit.

Because believe it or not this is so therapeutic. If you are ever just needing to talk, you should try typing out what you’re feeling.

No matter if anyone can read it or not.

It really does help.

-I haven’t been able to write anything for over a month. Life has once again taken over and by the time I find my “writing time”, I am dead-tired.

I know it sounds like an excuse, but when you’re by definition terms a “single parent”, life gets really hard.

I am more than equipped to handle it, but mama’s tired! lol

I always, throughout my days, think of topics that I could write about.

This blog is about my interpretation of motherhood.

But by the time I get to this point of actually writing, my mind goes blank and I’m stuck here with a blank screen like…


I think mainly it’s because I have so much floating around in my head, that I can’t just sit down and talk about one thing, there are a million on my mind.

I mean look at this, like 200 words of babble. lol

I hope you all enjoy what I write, I appreciate all of the messages and comments, and follows! ❤

So today it started out with thick frost on my windshield and such a cold bitter morning, and by the time I got off work, it was nice and sunny and almost warm. Go figure with the state I live in.

If you knew me you’d know that I hate the cold. I wear cardigans year round. Well, hate is a strong word.

If I could find somewhere like home that is a balmy 65 to 75 degrees year round. I’d move there in a split second.

Tonight, I am surfing amazon in search of gifts for Christmas shopping. Some people may think I waited to long to shop, and they’re probably right. But this year went by so fast, before I knew it it was Halloween. I am so bad at procrastinating Christmas shopping, I do it every year.

But at least this year I have some idea of what I’m going to get some people, it won’t always be that panicked running through Walmart looking for random gifts for people.

..i hope.

I started this blog I wanna say 2 years ago. I’m not for certain by memory because I gave up so quickly on it the first time. I told myself I didn’t have time for it, so I let my poor blog sit for an entire year. When I finally budgeted the premium option I decided to try to write something at least once a week.

and I have failed! lol

This also isn’t your normal “mom blog”. Normally, you are looking for answers to questions. (DIY, recipes, advice, etc.)

Which I have made some posts about.

But I wanted my blog to be my thoughts on paper-so to speak.

Somewhere I could go to write, and with the right tags and exposure, attract people like myself who understand me and my life as I write it.

When I can write it! lol

Until next time!

You all have a great week.