Fall’s A-Comin’!

Can you believe September is right around the corner? Crisp, fall air. Nice, warm cardigans, hot apple cider, and all the pumpkin scented candles you could ever want! For me, the end of July kind of gets me excited about Fall coming. When I was in school, and will have to look forward to next [...]

My Day in the Life with my Children

Every day starts the same. ...well sometimes. My oldest son Noah is right at the precipice of being potty trained, but has been waking me up just about every morning wet from the waist down. So I tell him to strip and go potty, and my first immediate thought is laundry. Laundry..that is my first [...]

Knowing these 3 Secrets will make your Parenting be Amazing!

There are tons and tons and TONS of information gathered all over the internet, from all over the world, from all kinds of mothers and fathers and parental figures with their own takes and techniques on how to be a sucessfully, happy, content parent. Alot of what I found I use in my everyday life [...]

Tips for Staying Energized!

We all have those days where we walk soooo sloowww and barely get any house work done. Just wanna lay on the couch and sponge the television. Busy lives, hyper kiddos and the LOADS of housework can diminish your energy completely! I'm gonna jot down some pointers to give you mamas a good way to [...]

Raising a Reader

March is National Literacy Month. I always get so worried that my oldest son Noah will not be reading or at least acknowledge certain words on paper before he gets to Kindergarten. At bedtime we will read a story and he likes to make up stories about the pictures. So along with the actual story [...]

Nobody’s Perfect

I was at Walmart today finding some candy for my son's potty training reward stash... ...and I heard these two girls talking about how stupid their mother was for not buying them some expensive something or nother....because she "didn't have enough money". I remember what it was like being a kid and wanting something I [...]

Need a Short-cut?

All moms I know, including myself, wish that there were more hours in the day. The ability to accomplish everything on your list of things to do and it seems so out of reach. So you probably do what I do. What you can, and leave laundry stacked up everywhere to put away.. You may [...]