Mindset. It’s all about Mindset

I tell myself every day. "Get your butt up and tend to your children." Sometimes Mama just wants to shut down and just disconnect from life for a minute. But I'm up, toasting waffles and tickling my baby because he laughs like a 50 year old man first thing in the morning. You have to [...]

Some Must- Know Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Has Arrived! Who has already started venturing into the "spring cleaning" your house so desperately needs? Geared and gloved to take on the overrun garage? Trying out a new floor cleaner you watched commercials about through the long, cold winter? I am currently cleaning EVERY item of laundry so as I'm putting it away, [...]

Relating to the Grey

What do you do when the world feels a little heavier than normal? When everything feels grey and nothing is really shining?.... Normally, I would say to just get some sleep.... but what if that just makes you MORE tired? I hope it's not just me feeling like a full moon is messing with my [...]